Meet DJ June! by Widgynie Exceus


Hello, my name is Widgynie Exceus, but most people call me Jen for short! I’m a 15 year old girl who was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but I was mostly raised on the countryside. During my childhood, I never really had a father figure; I grew up just with my mom. Personally, I don’t really remember much about my childhood. My mom was the normal strict Haitian mother who didn’t really allow me to experience the world as I grew up, which was unfortunate.

For the last 5 years, I have been attending TechBoston Academy and I am currently a sophomore. During the few years I’ve spent at the school, it has made me realize who really supports me and motivates me to do better, but it has also made me realize those who don’t. It’s a decent school to attend, though not a strict school or a school where you can just do whatever you want and not expect to deal with consequences. I enjoy attending TechBoston. The teachers go at the pace of the students which makes it easier to understand, and my education more enjoyable!

I’m a student athlete; I played soccer and volleyball for about 2 years and I’ve been playing basketball for about 3 years now. Usually, depending on which sport season it is, if I am not at practice, I’m usually at home listening to music or on my phone catching up on all my social media, finding any type of entertainment that I can on the internet.  My life is pretty boring if you ask me-- I barely leave my house if I’m honest. I’m much more of a homebody than I am the type to go out and party.

Here are a couple fun facts about me: I absolutely love reading creative writing pieces where everything is made up in the author’s mind. This usually includes spontaneous characters and I love everything about it! Another would be that I have a YouTube Channel to express myself to those who watch me and show people that just because I’m behind a camera, it doesn’t mean that I have to fake who I am in order for people to like me.

It’s so much easier to have someone like you for who you are, and not who you’re trying to be.

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