Let's Talk About Me for a Bit: Meet Marie Boval!


Hey my name is Marie. You know the middle name everyone has? It just so happens to be my first. Bet you guys never knew that Marie means “Sea of bitterness.” But, that’s not really the point. Anyway, I am a senior at New Mission High School. Yes! I am only seventeen. People always seem to think I'm a variety of ages. I’ve been called as young as 12 and as old as 20! Bizzare!

Let’s get into more about me! I have this crazy way of needing everything organized. For example, my food. I hate when my food touches, and when my skittles & M&M’s aren’t color coordinated. I always sort my chips from the prettiest to the least appealing, and I definitely hate when things aren’t in a certain order-- like my sandwiches! And, I also eat my food in alphabetical order. That’s everyone right? A few of you can relate, am I right? I do have another habit of not being able to control my faces. Ever just be in the middle of a situation and your face just changes, but you didn’t change it? Only a few people get it. I’ll think my face is completely normal but to others it has apparently changed. Usually for the worst. I can’t be the only one. Really? Nobody?

Let’s talk about the interesting part of me. Some things you might hate me for are my food choices. I honestly could never, in a million years, eat, smell, or look at lasagna. I do not like eating bags of chips. I get bored. I could never over-eat candy like most children. I. LOVE. VEGETABLES. I absolutely hate pizza, I use mayonnaise as a topping for everything, and I don’t adore many desserts. Just to name a couple of desserts that aren’t my favorite, here they are: cake, cupcakes, pies, brownies, muffins, and I could go on and on. Another interesting fact about me? I have a collection of white shirts. Yup, that's right! It’s something about the color white that is so pretty. I literally collect white shirts just to have them. I’m such a fan of white, so I just feel the need to always buy a white shirt when I’m out shopping. 

Mainly because I’m dark skinned and I enjoy looking like a glass of milk.

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