Nyanja Alvarez: Meet the Author

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Hi my name is Nyanja Alvarez! I am 15 years old from Boston, MA, and I am in the 9th grade at Margarita Muniz Academy, a bilingual school that teaches Spanish and English. One of my hobbies is being around and playing with animals. Also, I play the trombone! I am a nice, respectful person, and I love helping out others and making sure everyone has what they need, whatever it may be! I love when everyone is treated equally kind; so much so,  that I have a little attitude when I see good people disrespected!

What I want people to know about me is my life. I’m going to start by saying this: even if you’re going through a struggle, keep your head up, never look back, and just keep going! During middle school, I got bullied a lot. I was threatened and called really bad names. I came home one day, told my mom, and she told me I'd be okay until she realized my drastic mood changes everyday. I was not focused on anything and I was having a really hard time in school with my grades. My entire middle school years were spent fighting because I was  picked on so badly. I didn’t know why it was that people disliked me, but defending myself was the only way I got through it. The Principal was very racist and she didn’t care about anything but the bullies. She fired good teachers that were doing there jobs, helping me out, and actually loved it.

I want everyone to understand to speak up when you need to. Don’t stay quiet when you're going through hard times and you think you don’t have anyone to speak to. You should always look for a trusted adult and speak to them and let them know what’s going on. I tried so many times to speak to an adult and it was very hard, because I felt like nobody cared but my mom. Things aren’t always going to go how it should or how you want them to, but keep your head up and prove to everyone that you can get through it! 

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