FAMILY. by Nyanja Alvarez

Nyanja Family.jpg

I love my Family.

I love them because

they make me feel like I can express myself.

They listen and look at me when I speak;

when everyone else turns away.

They feel what I'm going through; 

my heart and my hurt.

They keep me happy;

loves me and never leaves. 

If I ever lost these things I wouldn’t be where I am now;

who I am now. 

I am happy now. Without them I'd be 

miserable. depressed. gone. lost. broken. 

Without them I wouldn't be myself. 

I wouldn't know myself.

If I didn't have them it'll feel like I have no one.

I would feel dark inside and lost. 

I love them because

there's always someone there when I need them.

I make sure they're close no matter what.

I love them because

they always back me up no matter what

They're just so perfect.

I can't explain it. 

Tekeisha Meade