The Night of the Call pt. 1: The Little Girl by Rachel Gonzalez

Rachel Phone Call.jpg

Twelve years ago, December 24th, 2004.

A little girl awakened. The doctors said that she and her brother could finally see their mother. When she reached the hospital room, she found her mother unconscious lying in bed. She heard beeping from a machine and saw her mother’s heartbeat starting to fade. The little girl thought she knew what was going on, but she really had no clue.

She felt lonely even though everyone was around her. Lonely and sad. A couple of days later, almost a week, she saw her father packing a suitcase. The suitcase contained clothes that were only white, black, grey, and other sad, solid colors. Her father said, “Vengo pronto voy para la República Dominicana por par de Dias.” The little girl was confused about why her father was going to the Dominican Republic and leaving them for a couple of days. Then she hears her brother speak up and say “Porque?” Her father responded and said, “Vengo de Una Vez.”

Before he left, he took his kids to a strange place. This place had chairs laid out in rows and the room was painted in dark colors. But there it was, a brown box. She saw her aunts and her uncles crying over the box saying “Pero Dios!” and “Oh God!" The little girl looked around and it looked like a family reunion. It seemed like the family reunion they did almost all the time at her house. But this time, this time it was somewhere different. This time it was different. Everyone looked so sad. She looked to her right and saw her older siblings sitting in chairs crying. Fearless, she got up and looked over the box. There she was. The little girl closed her eyes and touched her mother’s face. She believed that her mother was sleeping, so she said “shh” to everybody so they didn’t wake her. Her beautiful mother reminded her of sleeping beauty. 


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