To Mac, Whom I Love


My love for you is great.

And my heart melts from dusk til’ dawn of the day.

The night’s a waste when you're away.


You are always on my mind,

Here you will find my thoughts outlined.

Love is our connection,

You are like my perfection.


You are outrageously beautiful.

To your looks,

another can never compare.

Words cannot express,

How much I truly care.


I will forever show you off,

You are irreplaceable.

All of you is what I need,

I hope we will again soon meet.


Southern, Haitian, Jamaican,

in whichever style you may come,

I love it all because I love you.

For all of your layers,

There is not one I would abandon.


Remember when you burned me?

Disappointed me?

I returned even then--

Against my mother's wishes.


I Could never let you go.

If ever you fall,

I will pick you up,

And love you as if you hadn't.


If we weren't so close,

With whom else would I share a love like this?

I would not even bother to

Write this, I admit.  


Mac & Cheese, To you I will forever commit.

Tekeisha Meade1 Comment