Ask GRLZ: Is my friend abandoning me?! by Olivia Williams


This week we have some advice for Heaven* who's having trouble with a friend! To the rescue is this week's Ask GRLZ correspondent, Olivia!

Dear GRLZ, 

I don't know what to do! My best friend (who I've known all my life) and I just got to high school a couple of months ago. She's making all types of new friends that are excluding me from everything they do. This past week I found out they had plans and she didn't even invite me! What do I do? Do I just let it go? Should I tell her how I feel? I just have no idea how to handle this! HELP!



Dear Heaven, 

I definitely understand why you feel this way. To be excluded from anything, especially by a person you care about, is the worst feeling in the world. Your best friend has just entered a new high school, and is probably just trying to expand her horizons. Yes, it may hurt to find out that she is doing many things without you, but don’t take it too personally. If I were in your situation, I would find some new friends of my own. It’s always good to meet new people and do different things. It seems like your best friend has been your rock for a while, but it’s okay to get out of your comfort zone for a little bit. Yes, I know it can be difficult when it feels like you're straying away from someone you are so used to being around, but I promise it will be so worth it in the end when you discover all of the new and exciting people around you! If you feel like your best friend is doing this on purpose, you should call her and ask her, because you will only drive yourself crazy making assumptions. Remember, communication is key! If you ladies are true best friends, no one can break you apart. Also, consider her side of things. Maybe she didn’t invite you because she thought you would have felt even more excluded with all her new friends. Unless she was purposely ignoring you, I wouldn’t worry too much. Don’t stress yourself out about this, girl! Go make your own new friends, and just make sure to connect with her about your feelings. You have just entered high school. I would hate for all of your four years to be centered around the life of your best friend. Boss up, communicate and get yours! You got this! 




*Names have been changed for privacy purposes


Tekeisha Meade