Love Wasn't Promised Either. by Olivia Williams


When “they” leave me,

My heart sinks like a ship

on its way to rock bottom.

Growing pains fail to subside.

The worst feeling in the world

is expecting love--

and receiving a goodbye

People try to comfort you with common sentences

the whole world says to the people

struggling to find ground

that won't shift beneath their feet

“It will be okay” they say


when will the heartache hold my emotions for itself

and relieve my mind from its misery

Every time you try to build

confidence in yourself

it fails.

because even though you won’t admit it

you are in a state of complete desolation.

You find yourself in a box.

And in that box there are 4 walls.

For each wall, a word.

Regret; for knowing it wouldn’t last,

but believing it would anyway

Anger; for trusting “they”

Hope; because you still believe in a future

Fear; because you can’t bear to feel broken again

These four words

are the after effect of temporary love

you put your heart, your trust, and your soul into

You soon realize that ...

Love is an illusion everyone trusts

to keep the world from dying.

But what about keeping ourselves alive?


Tekeisha Meade