Meet the Bloggers: Spring 2018 Edition, Part 2


Sarah Hayek

Ayoooo !!! This is ya girl Sarah from Edward M. Kennedy High School! I’m 16, still a youngin'. Turning 17 real soon. No funny, I enjoy car rides with the music bumpin' TO THE MAX! To be real, I love love love writing poetry! Creative writing and especially writing poetry is so liberating. Being able to write what’s on your mind, soul and heart and put it onto a paper feels therapeutic. I have never been the type to open up and vent, so just being able to spill out my feelings and thoughts puts me at ease, and that is why I chose blogging. Blogging gives me the opportunity to speak my mind on subjects that are essential to today's society and to us, young women. Blogging will give me the chance to hopefully inspire and motivate others to thrive, grow, and glow!


Achaya Walker

It’s your girl Achaya, but you can call me Chaya. I go to Snowden High School. I’m only 15 but turning 16 in a couple of months. I enjoy drawing and I’m an up and coming photographer; I love taking photos of my hometown #Bostonnnnn!!! I’m also into fashion. I make some of my own clothing as well! I enjoy doing these hobbies. I just love art and writing small poems.  I wanted to be a blogger, because I love writing on my free time. What interests me about writing is that you can just be yourself, free, and express what you feel in another form.




Jayla Amado

My name is Jayla Amado, and I am 17 years old. I go to Urban Science Academy where originality is not lacking in the halls. This school really helped me find myself; I learned that I love expressing myself in anyway possible! Whether it’s painting, singing, dancing, talking, or writing, you’ll find me doing all of it. What I enjoy the absolute most is painting and writing. I love painting, because I love adding color to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and adding my own special touch to it or making a vision come true on a canvas. I write a lot, which is the reason I chose blogging. I feel it’s good to get your thoughts out whether you're writing about it or talking about it. I believe that I read a lot and question everything. I always have an opinion, so if I’m not talking I’m writing. I’ve always wanted to write something that is open for anyone to read and see a different perspective, or learn something they didn’t know before. I hope to accomplish that in my time here writing for GRLZradio!



Tekeisha Meade