PAIN. by Jayla Amado



I feel so much.


I feel her pain.

I feel my sister's pain.

it burns inside me, 

through my flesh.

The air.

It's harder to breathe,

just breathe

everything will be okay

the air is harder to breathe.


so broken

and still loving

like no unkind words

have ever been spoken to me,

like I've been treated like a queen

my whole life.

Midas doesn't love me

he wants respect,

and to trap the pain of those souls

that went before me.

he wants to take me away.

I don't know why

she hurts herself.

She's still learning to love

like she's never been trapped

inside a cage.

She begs to be loved

she gets on her knees

and crawls till they bleed,

begging for Midas to love her--

She'll give him her soul.

She has to be better.

She knows she needs to be better

for the little girl, so fragile,

like glass, and naive.

She must be better to protect her

from the devil,

because the devil flies beneath our feet

ready for the taking

before the sun even rises.

She gives away

her light

her energy

her soul to those

who are in pain.

She wants to save their souls



they scream to her,

but she can only do so much.

Till she turns to dust

appreciate her

love her

be her

for when the moon returns

in its pale glory

all the taken souls will cry

with the wolves

and cry a great cry

and we will fall down in agony

because we feel her pain,

because we feel their pain

Agony. pure agony.

For our sisters,

save our souls.

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