Ask GRLZ: My Teacher HATES Me!!!! Response by Ella Martin


This week we have some advice for Sandra* who wants to know what she can do to have a better relationship with her teacher who seems to have it out for her! Is it personal? To the rescue is this week's Ask GRLZ correspondent, Ella!


It's my teacher! I swear she has it out for me! Like, she yells at me for no reason, never gives me the right grades on my homework, and when I raise my hand to answer a question, she acts like she doesn’t see it! How can I make her respect me more, and actually treat me like she treats the other students?!

Hey Sandra,

That’s a great question! I had a similar problem last year when my teacher would purposely avoid me and seemed to not check my homework even when I did it. At first, I tried being nicer to my teacher, saying things like, “Oh wow Ms.! You taught a great lesson today!” and “Thank you so much for going over the homework, it really cleared things up for me!” When that didn’t work, I tried being less disruptive in class. I came in, sat down in my seat, pulled out my work, and did my classwork without really talking to anyone or disrupting the class. Finally, when I saw that after all these efforts, my teacher still wasn’t responding well, I asked my guidance counselor what I could do to build a better relationship with my teacher.

After talking with my guidance counselor, I learned that teachers really like students who express that they care about the class; little things like putting in extra effort, staying after hours, emailing them with any questions you have, and pretty much anything to show that you’re truly interested in and dedicated to their class, goes a long way. After a while of coming after hours to get help, I noticed the relationship with my teacher change. She finally treated me with respect and seemed to be acknowledging my genuine efforts to do better in class.

As much as you may not want to put in the effort of staying after, emailing questions, being less disruptive, and showing you care about the class, teachers may want to see that you don’t treat their class as a joke. In order to gain their respect, you need to show your respect for both them and their class. All that said, I highly doubt that your teacher hates you or has it out for you. Generally, teachers just give attention to students who, quite honestly, won’t waste their time. So, show interest and don’t waste your teacher's time! Simple. If that doesn’t work, try talking to your teacher directly about how you feel. Just keep in mind that it's probably NOT personal.

I really hope this helps!



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