I am the sum of two continents

I am the product of every mistake they made

I am damn near barefoot to bodegas

I am no such thing as easy

I am mac and cheese and extra greens

I am only well-done meat

I am every bit as invisible as my ghosts

I am only visible when you believe



As I sit here, staring at a blank page under the shade of a magnificent tree,

I wonder,

Who am I? How do I define me?

I am Ella Martin

As colorful and luminous as a garden.

If only it were that simple of an answer,

I like to stay graceful like a dancer.

You could say I am like a long summer night,

Pretty easy going, I never put up a fight.

Many think I am cold and dark,

But in reality, I am warm and lit like a bright spark.

Many assume I am predictable,

But I am more original.

I am full of complex unattainable feelings,

Yet ask for such simple dealings.

I look like a clueless young girl

When in reality, I see a whole new world.

I am brave, outgoing, and courageous,

But never enough to be famous.

I am shy, soft-spoken, and small,


But I will always voice my opinions, even if I am the oddball.

I am a stay at home and watch movies girl,

Not really one to be won over by any diamonds or pearls.

I am a simple but complex human being,

I never like doubt, I am much more for believing.

I am Ella Martin

And I am, in some ways, a good bargain.



A survivor of the most chaotic
I am a survivor
I am a warrior
I am a soldier
the self-destructing war which is
Myself sanity and self-love.
I have been able to win the fight to be okay, to be happy.
Having to struggle with fiery anger, anger that was so toxic that killed many parts of me.
But I resurrected myself.
I am a reborn flower that bloomed and thrived from a small crack of the broken concrete.
I am the definition of evolution.
Evolved from an empty vessel filled with nothing but hate and anger towards the world to a beautifully blooming soul.
I am a woman of passion, the kind of passion that saved suicidal souls from the edge of death.
I am a woman of love and calamity
Filled with self-respect and modesty.
Eyes so beautiful that have survived the heat of the suns rays that burned me down to ashes.
I am Sarah, a princess who has built her own kingdom to live in peace and to blossom.
Ask me who am I, and I will tell you my never-ending story.




She’s often overlooked but if you take a closer look,

You’ll see the rainbows and constellations roaming,

running rampant behind her dark eyes.

Look deep into her eyes;

You’ll see someone you never would’ve thought existed.

Behind the dark cloak of her eyes lies a girl.

Just a girl.

Not a woman, not a scholar, not a sister, not a daughter, not a friend.

Just a girl.

A girl who wants more than the world can give her, who wants nothing to do with you but can tell everything about you just from one look, who wants to be appreciated, loved, cherished, who wants to leave everything behind, run like the wind to find her greater purpose and be at peace with the world, with herself, with life.

A girl who gives 101% into everything,

Whether it be school, friendships, her corny jokes.

She gives her all only to receive little to nothing in return but continues giving.

A girl who’s tired physically, mentally, emotionally.

She’s exhausted and no amount of rest can make her feel rested or whole.

This girl, not the woman, scholar, sister, daughter or friend, with rainbows and constellations shining brightly and running rampant behind her dark cloaked eyes,

Overlooked and under-appreciated.

She’s the girl in the mirror.



I am Tabreia

I am African -American

I am intelligent beyond compare

I am religious

I am a singer

I am a protector of the ones that are close to me!

I am loved by many people, but I’m hated by most

But I am still here due to the help of God, family, and friends.

sometimes I open my own brain as the thoughts of yesterday cave in and overshadow today.

People see me as Tall,

maybe a model “type body”.

The would say “you could be a model” BUT that’s the problem the physical traits cloud the one's eyes that they really don’t care about who is on the inside. So guess what

On this inside of my body, I am powerful, energetic, advanced in my own mind and time.

My heart has been beaten down so many times by the ones I love and care about. But I don’t treasure grudge or hate within my breathing heart.

I        Let        It         Go

I am caring.


Think of who you are as a person don’t just go for your outer looks but the inner person shines brighter.



I am Ra, the force that powers the sun.

I am thunder,

I am a flower.

I am fire, forceful, in control, and scary.

I am water, free, kind and fun.

I am obsidian. Protect your energy.

I am gold. It’s in my skin.

I am Nature.

I am pain, but I am also power.

I am art.

I am flawed, but I am me.

I am balanced.

I am Original.