Things We've Learned About Love.

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Love starts with yourself. Love is king and queen, equals.

Love is beautiful. Love is Pain.

Love is struggle. Love is communication.

Love is happy. Love is NOT money

Love is NOT sex. Love is action.

Love is strong. Love is sacrifice.

Love is NOT selfish. Love does NOT belittle.

Love is fire. Love is water. Love is peace.



 The boy born from the same mother taught me what love is. The boy that showed  me what it meant to be strong showed me what love is. The boy who has fought so long just to be accepted showed me what love is. Through all the changes I’ve faced, through the people who come and go, the only constant in my life taught me what love is. He taught me love is not a singular emotion, and definitely not a simple one. He taught me love cannot only go one way, but can travel through many twists and turns. Love can just be timeless. He taught me there is no right way to love someone. That love can be shown by words, actions, or the silence that lingers between two people. The one person who means more to me than what I mean to myself taught me what love is.


 Ask me who Influenced me into being kind, and I will tell you the story about a boy and a girl who pieced my heart back together after it had been shattered. A boy who I’ve met about 2 years ago. Everyone you meet will be either a blessing or a lesson. I can happily say that he taught me about letting go of anger and she has become my sister by soul. They are two regular human beings but they have overtime become the definition of love and family.

My earrings mean a lot to me. I know what you’re thinking: how basic and materialistic, how could earrings mean anything? Well, for me, they mean a lot. When most people think of earrings, they don’t really think much of them except the little things in their ears that they hardly notice. Getting earrings allowed me to gain some confidence as well as feel like I matured. Getting earrings also allowed me to feel these things, but they allowed me to learn patience. When it comes to loving someone, you must be patient and put up with all they bring, so getting my earrings allowed me to know how to be patient as well as know that waiting for someone or something has its benefits.

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