A Small Rant: On Sexist Dress Codes at School by Jayla Amado


Two words for you: NOT FAIR.

Instead of publicly shaming girls for wearing shorts on an 80-degree day, by calling them out and saying things like: “those are too short” and “you're showing too much”, teachers and male students should be taught not to overly sexualize normal body parts. Now, I agree that there should be a line drawn between what is and is not school appropriate. However, is it fair that boys can walk around school with no shirt on because they were sweaty in the gym, but girls are punished for wearing crop tops or shorts that don’t go past their knees? Women for years have always been shamed for their bodies. We've been taught that our bodies are for others' pleasure. We are not to please everyone else. There’s no excuse! Interrupting a girl's learning day or being more focused on sending her home than making sure she’s in class learning because of a dress code that isn’t as strongly enforced on boys is basically telling her that her body is a problem and a distraction. We are not just our bodies! We are women and women in the making. Do not make us feel like we are anything less!

Tekeisha Meade