5 Ways to Handle a Bully by Tabreia V.C.

Bullying: when someone that has a (perceived) superior mindset, and with it, forces another person to do what they want.

Statistics shows that more than one out of about every five (20.8%) students report being bullied. Bullying isn’t always through physical intimidation, there’s more than one type of bullying. For example, cyber bullying, verbal abuse, etc. If you’re getting bullied, here are some tips that you should follow to protect yourself from bullies.

    First, tell the bully to stop in a calm and confident tone. Now some may think that  this is not a very effective way to stop a bully, but it is because if you stand up for yourself and say “enough is enough” the bully will feel useless and would give up on bullying you. After all, bullies know who to target, and standing up  for yourself is a great way to tell that person that you can't/won't be abused!

Second, see from the bully's point of view. Science says that some bullies act out because they lack in social skills. It’s very hard for them to express themselves so they take it out on other  people to make themselves feel a false sense of adequacy. So when a bully is throwing hateful comments at you, although it may seem hard, try not to take it personally. Try to understand that it may be coming from a place of hurt and dissatisfaction with their own lives. Plus, if you choose to be the bigger person, and not to respond, your bully is sure to quickly lose interest.

Third, report a bully to someone. If you’re being physically and/or verbally assaulted, do not assume that it is normal behavior! Go to your parents, a trusted teacher or someone that is mature enough to handle the situation the right way.

Fourth, be kind to anyone else being bullied. It’s better to help someone else go through it then suffer alone or have them suffer alone. Talk to them. When you also meet other victims of bullying, you are able to increase in safety and you get to help one another increase in confidence. Just knowing you have someone by your side makes it ten times better.

Fifth, STAY STRONG! I promise you are not alone! Talk to somebody about what you are going through and try to find support for yourself. Even though this is a mere season in your life and things are bound to change, it can be hard to look to a time when you aren't hurting. So, talk to somebody so that you understand that life changes and people change, too!


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