She Did That! Highlighting WolfTyla by Sarah Hayek


When I heard the phrase extraordinary women, only two names came to mind:

One of which is my best friend and the other, a singer that goes by the name WolfTyla.  WolfTyla has been beyond an inspiration to many young teens. When WolfTyla was a teenager, she went through depression. Depression caused her to become very lonely, doubtful of herself and suicidal. Not many knew of her inner battle because she was always very outgoing and energetic. She was always the friend on could go to for their problems, while all the while, she was silently suffering. Along with her depression, she dealt with a very challenging relationship. Having to deal with a heartbreak after finding out her boyfriend had cheated on her, worsened her mental state. Soon after, she and her best friend had fallen off, and at that point in her life she felt like she had absolutely nobody. WolfTyla decided to strengthen her religious faith. By building a stronger bond with God, WolfTyla began to believe in herself again. She has now realized that there is more to life than hurt and anger. She accepted the past and forgave those who have done her wrong, which helped her let go and move on with her life. Healing her depression by learning self love and self care, she began motivating those around her who are experiencing the same kind of loneliness. As her platform is growing, she receives more and more love from people all over the world. WolfTyla has found new friends, a new love, and most importantly her new self. For finding light where there seemed nothing in her path but darkness and anguish, we admire her. And for teaching the next generation that the past does not have to dictate your life--in fact, it must not--we honor her. 

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