To be at GRLZ Pt.1: The Writers' Lens

Note from the editor:

If you listen to us, if you watch us, if you read us, then you know us. You understand that to be at a place where young girls have a voice and can express it freely through their pens, on the radio, and social media, is a privilege we do not take for granted. It is all too rare for a group of young women to congregate and speak and cry and rejoice. We often believe that we alone struggle, and that there is nobody else in the world who gets it. But here, I have witnessed a community of young women from all paths understand that if it can be felt, it can be shared.

We are born into the families we know and love. They provide us comfort and home, and we relate to them through blood. However, Grlzradio is a place of family bonding for us though we are not blood related. In my time here, I have come to understand that I have not fully understood the true nature of sisterhood. Being here has taught me that without a doubt, we find our greatest love, our biggest supporters, our fiercest heroes, our most brilliant inspirations, in the women around us.  


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I. Sarah

For a very big portion of my life, I’ve grown up around boys, older and younger than me. But, being at GRLZ Radio has given me a bigger perspective on what it means to be friends with a girl. I’ve always thought that I don’t belong in a room full of woman because my personality and character traits are correlated to how a boy is. And that’s the range from the music I listen to, to the way I talk/act. Being at GRLZ Radio made me so emotional, in a good way. It has made me softer and  more vulnerable which progressed my growing process. GRLZ Radio allowed me to keep on pursuing my love for writing, and I will forever cherish and remember my time here.








                                                       II. Jayla

To be at GRLZ definitely taught me that I can have a job doing something I love. I was always surrounded by people who continued to work a job they hated because they had to and that’s how life goes; or how I believed it goes. I get to come here for 5 hours a day, spend time with amazing people, do fun reflective projects, and do what I love: write. And the best part is that I get to make money while doing it. This is the most easy going job, and the work environment shows that enjoying work can be a thing. To all those people who believe it's impossible to have a job you love, open your mind to the possibilities! 

III. Tabreia 

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A lost soul in a dangerous world where people constantly say “peace will come, or peace at last." I never forget the times where I felt alone, my heart racing fast like a cheetah trying to catch its prey and devour it in one bite. That world somehow changed once I got to GRLZ Radio. GRLZ Radio is a place where women are heard and respected. At GRLZ Radio I got to learn how to be myself and to not feel that being different is a bad thing but being different is actually an amazing thing. At Grlz Radio I got to hear from many other girls viewpoint on how they overcome challenges of being a young lady. Grlz Radio gave me the opportunity to hear many strong women tell their stories with a smile at the end and hearing them say “I did it”, “I made it out alive” and how I can do it, too. I am proud to have attended GRLZ Radio because I am coming out of it knowing that I am strong and despite anything that is thrown at me I will triumph. Yes, challenges will always be at our door, but GRLZ Radio taught me to open the door and handle them with courage and confidence.



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