Chance By: Tammy

This story is about a girl who fell in love with her best friend and has the opportunity to go back in time and make a huge decision. Will she decide to allow their love to blossom or let him have the life he has built with someone else.  

You were the highlight of my day. You made me feel like I was worth something when everyone turned their backs on me. You were the one person I cared for dearly in my life, but it wasn’t reciprocated the way I wanted. You saw me like family, someone you could call a sister. I saw you as someone I wanted to spend my whole life with, but I knew that couldn’t happen. You were happily married. A beautiful wife and 2 amazing little children whose eyes would glisten every time they saw me. I wish I didn’t love you so much. But... It’s hard knowing how much you’ve been there to talk and help me through things. Things I don’t even want to mention. I can’t decide between wishing I never met you or wishing I had taken a chance with you when I first did.

Ah, how much I wish I could go back to the first day we walked in together, knowing that we had each other’s backs through everything. School was a piece of cake for us, because we were “nerds” as some might say. As time progressed, we got closer and even started going to each other's apartments to do homework together, watch movies, and have dinner to treat ourselves after tests or huge projects we had finished and gotten good grades on. At this point, you were progressively starting to fall for me; which was kind of weird for me because throughout all the years of school and just living my life, I’ve never had anyone that was so down to be with me. I would just focus on school and play games when I was done with all my work. It was so stupid of me to just let go of you like that.

I remember the day you confessed to me. The leaves were blowing, you could hear people’s inaudible conversations, and we were having dinner talking about our grades and making stupid jokes. You were making me laugh so much that everyone around us was either also laughing or just glaring at us, annoyed. Back then, I would always wonder why and how you fell so hard for me when all I did was play video games and do work. I remember after our dinner, you wanted to go to the cherry blossoms. The city lights lit them up in such a beautiful way I felt like I was getting embraced by the petals. As I was admiring the trees, all you did was fondly look at me like I was a little kid at the park. I couldn’t help but smile when I turned to you and appreciate that moment with you. I remember how you took my hands so gently, telling me much you wanted me to be with you. I didn’t know what to do, so all I did was smile and tell you I couldn’t. I remember how you were still smiling but I could tell how much your heart broke. Now that we’re in the present, I look back and see how much I took you for granted. I really wish I could go back in time and change things, but it’s really impossible. Well at least I thought it was impossible.


I happened to notice this little stuffed bear that looked like the eyes were holding the stars. When I picked up the bear, I looked into its eyes and felt like I was in a trance. I remember hearing it tell me “Are you sure you want this second chance? Even if it has huge consequences?” I knew my answer and felt myself get pulled in. Then I blinked and just grabbed the bear and started walking home. I was thinking that I was daydreaming and was really losing control of reality and my mind. And I couldn’t help but notice that everything looked different. It looked like when I first moved here starting college. As I was walking, I noticed a store that had gone out of business months ago still up and running. When I finally got home, I realized that none of my keys worked. I rang the doorbell to have my roommate open it but came out a young man in a towel staring at me obviously annoyed. I then decided to speak up. “Hi, my name is Muuttaa and this is my apartment. Do you know where Umulig is?” He stared at me with a confused facial expression, which then changed to a blank expression. “Tell Shaka if he wants to play jokes on me like he did last time, come up with better jokes.” and then he slammed the door in my face. I stood there, confused. I felt like I was in an alternate universe or something. I started walking through the park and saw him.

He was staring up at the sky, immersed in his thoughts. I was scared to walk up to him, petrified actually. But I did it anyway hoping something good would happen. He stared up at me and said: “Hello, do you need something?” Then I instantly knew what was going on. I figured out why everything looked so weird. I’m wasn’t in 2025 anymore, I’m in 2019. The year that we met. The year he fell in love with me. I stared at him, knowing that he would fall in love with me. And in that moment, I had a chance to either make my past self go with it, follow my heart and wait for him to ask me to be with him again. Then I could take my chances and say YES! But... I knew how much he loved his wife and kids, while still knowing how much I wanted him for myself. I sat next to him, smiling fondly. “Look, I’m not here to creep you out or anything, but I just want to tell you how important you will be to someone you are getting to know. Be careful though, don’t fall for that person. You just keep her close and stay by her side as she does for you, and make sure you make her happy. She won’t be the right one for you even though she might think she is. Just please never leave her side.”

I stared at him, tears running down, knowing how much I’m gonna regret this but I would hate for anything bad to happen in the future. Then, I heard someone running and yelling his name. I turned back and saw myself, running excitedly and then stopping. I saw myself. She started to walk really slowly towards both of us.  I turned back to him and said in his ear “The one person you can’t fall for is the one that has the strongest bond with you. Please keep her happy and keep yourself happy.’ I stood up and said goodbye.

Tekeisha Meade