Review of Lucifer & Gran Torino

Supernatural Drama: Review of Lucifer

By Tammy Tran


Review Stars: ****


Imagine that you’re living a regular life as a homicide detective and a random dude pulls up out of nowhere and tells you he’s Lucifer – Yes…as in the Devil. Weird right? Well that’s exactly what happened to Chloe Decker, the show’s female main character. When it all started, Chloe was working on a case that she was assigned to – then out of nowhere, and she bumps into Lucifer at the place she was supposed to interrogate the suspects. Coincidence? Probably not!  After that whole situation, Chloe and Lucifer became partners and started working on cases together. The whole journey they had together going through their cases taught them lots of lessons and even caused some romantic tension between them. The action never stops because this show is filled with divine intervention, celestial beings, trips to Hell and the deaths of human beings due to their own actions. If this is the type of action that sounds interesting to you, you will love this show.  But be warned - it also has some sex scenes so Viewer Discretion is advised.


In my opinion, I loved the show but I hated how easily the conflicts of the main characters were resolved. For example, whenever Lucifer is in some deep conflict, the case he is working on somehow always leads him directly to the answer to his problems. At times it’s a little predictable. Honestly, this really aggravated me as a viewer watching this because I like to watch protagonists go through a challenge and have some sort of obstacle before finding their true answer. For Lucifer, it just feels like he is always able to get out of any problem he’s in. I’m not going to lie, there were a bunch of episodes that were really good and really prolonged, but there were others that seemed really short (to me obviously) and didn’t seem like there was anything creative ideas or planning added into it. 


Something I really love about this show though, was the things they implemented into the show. They didn’t have any static characters that would really bore you when you’re watching the show. Each character was very interesting and had very cool back stories. The writers really  made the characters pop out and gave them really cool personalities that make you just fall in love with them. I really loved the show and I think you will too! Give it a try! It’s on Netflix now!

Gangs, Growth, and a Gran Torino

By: Joanna Li || 7/16/19


An oldie but goodie – Gran Torino is a heartwarming tale of a Korean War veteran adapting to his new and predominantly Hmong neighborhood. The movie is a drama starring Clint Eastwood, shows us both the best and the worst of human nature. The film starts out with Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood), the cantankerous veteran who keeps to himself, scorning his neighbors who are primarily poorer Hmong residents. He eventually is forced to interact with them when he catches a Hmong teenager named Thao Vang (Bee Vang) attempting to steal his prized car, a pine green Gran Torino. When he intervenes he finds out Thao was pressured into theft by his cousin, who's a member of a local Hmong gang. Thao's mother is ashamed and forces him to help Kowalski with odd jobs, much to the annoyance of the latter. Eventually, he forms a bond with Thao's family and becomes a trusted ally/mentor to their youth.


When I started this film it was out of reluctance. My prior experiences led me to worry that this would be a stereotypical "old white man learns the error of his ways" but I was happily proven wrong. While the character tropes are present, Gran Torino is such an overwhelmingly charismatic film, with believable personalities and a satisfying plot. Kowalski and Vang's mentor-mentee relationship has an enjoyable dynamic that kept me glued to the screen. Above all, the overhanging moral that even the least expected people are capable of changing themselves for the better is an optimistic view that I think many of us are sorely in need of.


In the end, I rate Gran Torino a solid 9/10.  While its screenplay and material aren't anything new or innovative in the film industry, it's put together flawlessly and packs several emotional punches. Go give it a watch, you won't be disappointed!

Tekeisha Meade