GRLZradio is a unique,...


 youth leadership and development program that utilizes broadcast journalism as a catalyst for personal growth and social change. Our teens develop and produce their own fun, informative, and socially-conscious radio shows. Through our program GRLZwrite, teens are afforded to the opportunity to take part in our creative writing and blogging curriculum, publishing their own original short stories, poems, and opinion pieces on our website. Through our newly implement program GRLZtube, participants create video content as well as update YouTube and social media channels.

Our program builds job skills, self-esteem, and leadership capacity by training more than 190 teen girls annually in all aspects of outreach, radio production, programming, and blogging. Outcomes of this innovative model include: 100% of participants graduate high school and are accepted into college, they receive professional level on-air personality experience along with industry standard training in all aspects of broadcast technology, and more than 80% report increased self-esteem and self-efficacy annually.